Xmas Eve on Schiehallion.

Easy day on Schiehallion the day before Christmas. Beats doing shopping. (Munros Completed : Schiehallion (75)).

Having not been in Scotland seen Mar, 2018 I needed a relatively easy Munro to break me back in. Schiehallion is one of the easeir Munros to climb, situated by Loch Rannoch with access from the Braes of Foss car park which is situated about 10-15 mins along the single track road off the main road. Arrived reasonable early at 09:00 with the forecast for dry weather, little or no wind though overcast. As it turned out, visibility was good up until about 700m where the cloud layer settled reducing visibility slightly but not drastically. There is a very well built path that goes up for about 2/3 of the way, and for most of the way its just one long broad ridge.

I expected to be the only one there, it being Xmas Eve, but the moment I had arrived a couple of Scottish guys pulled up in their car. I spoke with them briefly but they set off before me. There was still a decent amount of snow cover but this was limited to the top 200m. 

It was a good choice to start with as the path is easy to follow and visibility only dropped to 100m when above the 700m mark, but with no wind it was fairly mild and an overall very enjoyable hike.

Summitted at 12:15 so it had only taken 2 ½ hrs. Took a quick photo on the summit then headed back down again. Surprisingly met quite a few people on the way up who were also taking advantage of the decent weather despite it being the day for Christmas. Near the bottom I also passed a mountain biker who was waking his bike up to the snow line to ride back down again!

I returned to the car at 2:15pm, and shortly after set off for Lawers Nature Reserve to make the most of the good weather.